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James Anderson – PHAT Coach

James Anderson






Personal Trainer – Coach – Blogger (of random thoughts) – Sunrise Lover 

James is the owner of PHAT Solutions, an outdoor, women’s only tribe based at Bondi Beach that focuses on ‘proper’ strength and conditioning team training for optimal outcomes, and long-lasting solutions.

As a self-professed acronym-lover, James wanted to make the ‘dirty’ word in health and fitness, clean and lean. PHAT, which stands for ‘Personal Health And Training’ was created with one very clear mission in mind. To educate, inspire and empower women to find and develop their personal health and training solution that ensures they remain healthier, stronger, fitter, leaner and ultimately happier people for the rest of their lives.

After 9 years in the health and fitness industry, James became sick and tired of the ‘diet and exercise’ model for health and weight-loss. A broken model, which he believes actually contributes to poorer health, hormonal problems and weight-gain.

People these days are left dazed by the so-called ‘experts’ who each profess to have the latest and greatest in fitness and health trends, and confused by the plethora of information available on what it means to be fit, healthy and happy.

James realised that this was resulting in many people, in particular women, feeling hopeless in their journey, not knowing where to turn with fad diet after fad diet failing them. But he believes they shouldn’t, which is why PHAT Solutions was born. Offering a simple, practical solution that takes into account the fact that nutrition and exercise programs only work if you find a way for them to become part of your lifestyle. Change can be hard, so if you change too much, it just becomes “too hard” for people.

PHAT Solutions’ aim is to share James’ PHAT philosophy with a wider audience by providing a platform to join a community of likeminded people, whilst aligning and collaborating with other health and wellness companies who also want to make an honest, positive and long-lasting impact in peoples’ lives. Sunwarrior being one such company.