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Debbie Spellman - Detox your Mind

Debbie Spellman

Coach, Therapist, Speaker.

Debbie Spellman is a Mind Detox Therapist, Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Personal Coach and  has been featured in Women’s Day Magazine as well as Energise-Me, Be Naturallyou, Make The World Move, I’m Not Fussy and The Relauncher. Debbie believes that it’s only when you detox the negative and buried emotions from your past, change your thought processes, release the limitations you place on yourself and begin to love and accept who you are, can you begin to experience what life is like living from your true self. Debbie believes being true to yourself is the key to loving your life, which means being true to your values and what you believe in, being honest in how you feel and your communication with others (no matter how hard it is), and loving and accepting yourself completely; mistakes, triumphs, warts and all.