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The Power Of Your Word

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The power of the words in which you choose to speak can have a profound effect on your daily life. They can change your attitude to a task, enhance or limit your performance, even have an effect on your relationships and the way you behave toward others. Only you can choose whether your words are positive or negative.

Negative words such as ‘no’, ‘can’t’, ‘hate’ and ‘don’t’, trigger the release of stress-producing hormones, cortisol and adrenalin. These are the guys responsible for sending your body into ‘fight or flight’ mode – racing heart, hands shaking, dilated pupils and shortness of breath. Not to mention altering normal brain functioning, hence why decision making, verbal communication, logic and reason fly out the window.

Negative words can hold value or trigger a response from memory or past experience, and the more we repeat this word and drum it into our psyche, the more anxiety and stress we place around it.

In comparison to this, positive words evoke feelings of motivation and self-confidence. When repeated often, these words build strength and resilience in us.

That’s why personal mantras are so powerful. You choose the words that hold value to you, and you turn those words into thought and action.  

When you catch yourself speaking or thinking negatively, stop, identify your words and feelings behind them and change your vocabulary towards something more positive.

Here are some examples we often hear and ways to alter the wording, and therefore the meaning behind it:

“I can’t do this”. 'Can’t' is a mental commitment to fail. Instead..
“I have not yet learnt to do this but am ready to try”.

"I hate my body”. "Hate" is a very negative word stirring feelings of resentment and aggression. Instead,
“I am grateful to have a full-functioning body that allows me to move, think and carry myself in this world”.

“I need to get that promotion”. "Need" is associated with feelings of greed, neglect and going without. Instead,
“I am thankful to have a job to support myself”.

It sounds simple, but the power of the mind really is a marvellous thing. Try it for yourself and see how eliminating those negative words and thought patterns increases your daily dose of happiness.

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