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Over the coming months, you'll see a different kind of Sunwarrior hit the shelves and health food aisles in a place near you. Yes, we've upgraded with a new look, to WOW you, and make our products just that little bit better than the rest!


The main reason for the packaging upgrade is to answer a reoccurring question we have been asked for years: “How are the three Proteins different and which one should I use?”

We decided it was time to fix that. The new labels make each protein distinctive and easily recognisable, no matter where they sit on the shelf and even across any room or shop space. They also do a better job of focusing on your lifestyle needs and are defined according to which one best fits each lifestyle.

CLASSIC is green in colour and is now organically certified with an improved flavour and texture. It is made from sprouted and fermented whole grain brown rice, including the endosperm and bran to create a gentle protein that still stacks up to the competition of awesome plant-based fuel. The focus is clean and simple, for the eco-conscious warrior. Classic Rice Protein is hypoallergenic and ideal for people struggling with digestion issues and recovering from an illness. Classic Rice Protein is also great for toddlers and small children, as it is best to introduce grains one at a time. Sprouted, fermented brown rice is a tonic for those dealing with a chronic illness. Fermentation adds beneficial enzymes and probiotics to the Classic Protein which aids in absorption and optimal gut health. The combination of sprouting and fermenting increases the nutritional value over 400 % and converts nutrients into cellular energy and healing.

CLASSIC PLUS is orange in colour and made from pea protein concentrate, sprouted and fermented whole grain brown rice, sprouted quinoa, sprouted amaranth and ground chia seeds. The focus is fit and lean, for the discerning warrior. Classic Plus Protein is perfect for all athletes, including high-performance endurance athletes and yoga enthusiasts. Classic Plus is fast absorbing and perfect after a workout. It is high in BCAA's, which aids in building muscle tissue and helps sore muscles recover faster after an intense workout. Classic Plus Protein also helps to keep cholesterol low and increases digestion with its soluble and insoluble fibre content. And this blended protein creates a thermogenic effect to burn more calories throughout the day.

Recently released here in Australia, WARRIOR BLEND is blue in colour and made from pea protein concentrate, hemp seeds, goji berry and coconut with its focus on high performance, for the Active Warrior. It is a grain-free protein, perfect for the paleo diet and all athletes seeking to gain and maintain lean muscle mass. The complete amino acid profile in Warrior Blend is very comparable to whey protein making Warrior Blend a perfect, smooth protein for those transitioning from whey to plant-based. Warrior Blend can be used as a pre or post-workout shake, since the BCAA’s are high, promoting muscle recovery. Warrior Blend also contains guar gum fibre to help the protein digest slowly and increases absorption, helping customers to feel satisfied for longer by lowering appetite. Moreover, the product promotes healthy kidney and liver function is naturally low in sulphur and doubles up as a natural tonic for preventing high blood pressure and reducing inflammation. Plus, it contains gamma-linolenic acid (good fat), lauric acid derived from coconut and is naturally high in leucine boosting immunity and prevents loss of bone density and strength. In most of the 51 countries around the world in which Sunwarrior is sold, Warrior Blend is the number one best seller. As Hemp Protein was not permitted to be sold in Australia until recently, its introduction here was delayed but it’s finally here. Say hello to the warrior in you!

Each pack now comes in 750g (30-day) and 375g (14-day) sizes. Now you're able to purchase the protein powders with less of an initial investment. In addition, the lower price point and lower servings make it easier to test out another flavour or switch to another variety, without having to spend a ton on something you’re not sure you love, yet. And smaller batches mean your Sunwarrior products stay fresh!

p.s You're welcome! x



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