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Get Your Warrior On!

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Ever wanted to know what steps you need to take to become a warrior? Just because we really like you, we're sharing the preliminary steps to getting your warrior on. Stay tuned to our E-News as we deliver further steps in our new Warrior Challenge and please share your comments, stories and let us know how you're getting on!

1. You need to detox your body first and give yourself a clean canvas to work with. This means clearing out all junk food from your pantry and grabbing some super-tasty but amazingly healthy snacks like SOL GOOD Organic Protein Bars. Protein smoothies are also a great way to ensure you are getting all of your nutrients for the day in order to minimise sugar cravings and keep hunger at bay.

2. Now, to detox your mind. Make relaxation techniques a regular part of your daily regime. It doesn’t have to be arduous, just ten minutes a day of complete relaxation and mindfulness, focusing on your breathing and nothing else. Regular meditation has been scientifically discovered to lower stress and anxiety, make up for hours of lost sleep, stop binge eating and cravings, and even change the way the brain tissue grows. Pretty neat, huh?

3. Next step is detoxing your routine. In order to create a harmonious existence (necessary for getting your warrior on), we need to divide our time equally between work, social, sleep and self. Look at how you’re dividing your time, clarify what needs to change and implement the steps in order to achieve your work-life balance. A rule of thumb is in a 24-hour day, we use eight hours for sleep; eight hours for work; eight hours for self (exercise, social, relaxation, family time and household chores).

4. A tricky one but you also need to detox your relationships. By that, I mean people who no longer serve you. Yes, it’s time to cull those friendships that leave you feeling yuck, distance yourself from co-workers who make your work seem that much more punishing and relationships that leave you feeling drained. The great news here is when one door closes, another door opens. You will end up clearing space and inviting good energies and great people into your life who support your warrior transformation!

5. Now, to detox your goals. Dream, dream and dream some more, then put your dreams down on paper, create a vision and be clear on why you want to achieve it. Set a timeline and plan on how to achieve your goal. Ask your help where you need it, and get support from the right people. Break your goals down into baby steps and honour yourself when you reach each milestone. Remember that challenges will arise, and when they do, greet them with compassion and allow yourself to be flexible, not resistant. That’s how goals are achieved!

6. Ok, we’re almost there. Finally and the biggie, detox your spirit. Spend more time doing what makes your heart sing. Life is too short not to. Travel more, learn a musical instrument, dance the night away, take up that course you’ve been meaning to, get into gardening, go to that festival, volunteer for an inspiring project, plan to do something on your bucket list. Spirit is the most important because it gives us purpose and meaning. It is also the essence of a warrior and that warrior is You!

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