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2015 New Years Resolutions

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With the troubles of 2014 behind us, let’s welcome in 2015 with some fresh and inspiring New Years resolutions ideas for your inner and outer wellness:

  • Stop hating yourself for eating dessert. Give up fad diets, making healthy foods the majority of your diet, and enjoying your cheese, wine and desserts on occasion.
  • Try a new wholefood every week for all of 2015, such as a new vegetable, fruit, nut, grain, meat or fish. This will introduce new minerals, vitamins and nutrients your body may be missing.
  • Stop feeling guilty over skipping exercise on your busy days, but make sure you do it on the days you have time for. Choose exercise you enjoy doing; otherwise you will always think of ways of getting out of it.
  • Throw out all the junk food in your house, and simply don’t buy it so it won’t tempt you anymore. Grab some health snacks instead like raw nuts, fresh fruits, hummus, Synergy Super Greens Powder mixed into a Sunwarrior Protein Powder smoothie.
  • Make relaxation techniques a regular and healthy part of your weekly or daily regime. Regular meditation has been scientifically discovered to lower stress and anxiety, make up for hours of lost sleep, stop binge eating and cravings, and even change the way the brain tissue grows.
  • Don’t wait for a particular date to change something about yourself you notice needs a little work, that’s a sure fire way to fail, but start paying attention right now, and change what you can.
  • Spend more time doing what makes your heart sing- life’s too short not to. Travel more, learn a musical instrument, get into gardening, devote more quality time to the people that matter most to you, and be kind to others.
  • Build your self-discipline and success reserve by setting yourself small    goals, and achieving them one at a time. This builds self-control, discipline, and an ability and desire to reach new heights.


    Honor TremainHonor Tremain – Nutritionist and health writer

    Honor Tremain is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist with a Bachelor in Health Sciences.

    She has been working in the field of health for the last 20 years.

    Honor is the Nutrition Journalist for the global Fitness First Magazine, and columnist for the APN newspapers in Queensland, with her own “Ask Honor” column. She is a corporate health speaker and additionally treats clients in her busy private practice.

    She is a director and recipe designer for the new food company Neo Bella Health Foods.

    Honor is passionate about education people in the truth about food, nutrition and health, so stays abreast with the latest scientific research, regularly interviewing experts in the field and marrying it with traditional philosophy and wisdom.


    You can follow her and many of her articles on Facebook at:

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