Meet the Experts

Dayne Crocker - Clinical Nutritionist

Dayne specialises in examining daily diet and lifestyle to establish any dietary deficiencies that may be impacting on health. After working on a community development project in Sri Lanka, Dayne decided to study Nutrition in the hope of motivating as many people as possibleto lead not only a wholefood lifestyle, but a chemical free one. Dayne specialises in digestive disorders, skin, detoxification & cardiovascular health.

His positive outlook and zest for life are infectious and Dayne is regularlyfeatured on TV and in national/international magazines. Dayne regularly hosts corporate seminars for clients including Virgin and Amex and is an enthusiastic media ambassador for Sunwarrior and Synergy Natural. ¬†Dayne’s passion is to empower all with the skills and¬†knowledge to live a wholefood lifestyle full of abundance.

Twitter@ daynecrocker